WOMEN LEADERS: Intelligence with Compassion

 Modern woman – a person who does not limit herself to domestic obligations but sets to conquer the world with intelligence and compassion. 

We have been thinking of the many ways on how to write an article about the two highest executives of the project. It’s not easy, believe me. I am even wondering if I will still have work after they read this. Kidding aside, the truth is their works do not need any sugarcoating or too much use of adjectives. Their actions and personality speak for themselves. I don’t even have to point that out. Nevertheless, allow me to share just a little about Jalaur Project’s power women. The two women executives of JRMP II have special names related to the Bible and God. Ruth, in the Old Testament, is a woman of unfaltering loyalty and perseverance; a woman who does not turn away from responsibilities but persists until she succeeds. On the other hand, Grace is from the Latin word gratia referring to God’s goodness and generosity; a depiction of elegance and precision. The Ma’am Ruth and Ma’am Grace we have now in JRMP II are not far from the description of their namesakes.

Selfless is an understatement

“Ma’am Ruth! Ma’am Ruth!”

These two words were the shouts of the children of the upland barangays of Calinog as the vehicle of Jalaur River Multi-Purpose Project Stage II (JRMP II) passed by without even knowing if “Ma’am Ruth” was onboard.

In those areas, experiences and  stories like this is not uncommon especially if we are to talk about one name, Ruth Cely M. Jamelo, the Division Manager on 

Institutional Development.


“Though I was not able to establish a family, I saw my purpose in life which is to organize, develop and help group of families called Community”, Ma’am Ruth once said.True to her words, she is not just a leader but a mother to her subordinates. 


She’s the epitome of a strong yet compassionate leader. She does not turn down people but lift them up and continues to bring out the best in them. Working within regular hours does not apply to her because she can work 24/7. She never gets tired if it is for the people and the project. 


“Ma’am Ruth! Ma’am Ruth”

Her name lingers, not only in the community but also in the hearts of everyone she has touched.



Reasonably strict with elegance

She enters the room armed with exuding intellect and authority complemented with an aura of humility and modesty. That is Ma’am Grace.


A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in profession, Grace C. Olla - Cañon knows how to balance life as a career woman and a family-oriented person. She does not lead with laxity but makes sure that rules are implemented and expects people to do the same. The intelligence andreasonability she radiates definitely belongs to someone we can call a power woman.


As described by someone close to her, Ma’am Grace does not involve personal matters with her professional dealings. Yet, she can be a friend someone wishes to have and a mother who always finds time for her son and family.


This only means that the Ma’am Grace we have at JRMP II is not only an effective leader but a compassionate and caring woman.


With these two power women, the future of the Jalaur Project is definitely bright. /JP (FLORDALIE L. PAGENTE)