Transforming Farmers to Leaders

National Irrigation Administration– Jalaur River Multi-Purpose Project Stage II (NIA-JRMP II) conducted Basic Leadership Development Course (BLDC) to newly organized Irrigators’ Associations (IA). 

This is to capacitate the IA officers with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to perform their duties and functions in providing directions, guidance and assistance until the time they achieved self–dependence.

IA Services Section headed by Ms. Ivy Rose G. Doplayna of the Institutional Development Division (IDD) initiated the said BLDC to different zones covered by the project. This was after the registration of the 40 IA’s with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).

BLDC is a three-day training activity conducted to the elected officers of the associations. This activity has a modular flow covering the three-day activities. 

Various topics were discussed by the facilitators including hands-on training for experiential learning. One of the highlight activities is the preparation of their association’s Program of Works (POW) for 2018 which plans out their activities based on their capacity and needs. Critiquing is also part of the activity for the development and improvement of their plans and targets.

With the assistance of the Irrigators’ Development Officers (IDO) of the NIA, the elected officers are expected to properly manage and lead the activities and affairs of the IA. 

This will allow the whole association to stand as independent organization committed to a smooth and organized operation and maintenance of irrigation systems. Hence, the success or failures of the associations lies in the hands of the IA leaders.

As of writing, 26 out 40 IA have undergone the BLDC seminar workshop. Remaining associations are scheduled to have their leadership courses on the first quarter of 2018. /JP Argem Grace A. Depita