Star ng Pasko

It’s that time of the year again in which carols, parties, festive decorations and gift-giving are prominent. It’s Christmas!

Employees of Jalaur River Multi-Purpose Project Stage II (JRMP II) of course will never let the season pass without their version of a company party. It is a yearly celebration of contests, food feast and merriment. A time when office and field employees take workloads off their shoulders and enjoy what have prepared for the day. 

Weeks before December 15, 2017, different divisions and sections of the project were already informed regarding the party which was prepared and organized by the National Irrigation Administration Employees Association of the Philippines (NIAEASP) JRMP II Chapter. One of the contests was the Belen-making which was participated by the four divisions. Another was the group presentations of the different sections and divisions which showcased the inner talents of the employees and showing that they are experts not only in their lines of work.

Creativity partnered with competitiveness was evident in every Belen and presentation showcased. Eagerness for the day of the party to arrive were also shown in the eyes of the employees. It was a much-needed respite after months of being loaded with different assignments.

Since groups were competing for the vied championship both in Belen-making and group presentations, the heat was on. In the end, Engineering Division was declared victorious in both contests. Win or lose, by giving their best everybody still shined bright during the party. Everybody is the star ng pasko afterall.

Photos during the said event were live proofs of what had transpired on that day. It was definitely a Merry Christmas for all! /JP Flordalie Pagente