Remembering a beautiful soul

She was called ‘Bebeth’ by close friends and relatives, ‘Ticay’ by schoolmates in college, and ‘Engr. Tess’, ‘Thessa’, or ‘Marites’ by colleagues. Regardless of how she was called, Engr. Marites Santillana was a good friend and mentor.

Born as courageous, fighter and dedicated woman, she was also known as sweet, caring, thoughtful and appreciative person by people around her. She excelled not only in academics but also in curricular activities during her school days. Unknown to many, Miss Marites was also good in dancing and in sports. She was a member of a dance sports team during her high school days and was tennis varsity player in college. 

Because of her dedication and perseverance, aside from being a licensed engineer, Miss Tess earned a Masters degree in Public Administration (MPA) at Guimaras State                   University just this 2016. 

She worked with passion that everyone could notice. She worked patiently with her staff and religiously taught and motivated them to be better. As a result, she was promoted as Principal Engineer C and was handling two sections of the Jalaur River Multi-Purpose Project Stage II (JRMP II), the Watershed and Environmental Management Unit and the Right-of-Way Section.   

Miss Marites was not a boss but a leader, motivator, adviser, and  mother. She gave advices and shared her experiences to her staff. Even on her most busy schedule, she managed to check on her people.     

But  endings are inevitable in every person’s life story. No one can ever tell how and when will his/her story end. Only one thing is for sure, when the physical bodies perish, memories and good deeds remain.

Miss Maritess will be remembered as a kind and hardworking person by her family, friends, and colleagues. Her smiles are forever etched in their hearts and minds. /JP

-Contributed by
 Vanessa M. Tse Wing, 
Assistant Environmental Researcher