PROs, Layout Artists Attend National Planning and Workshop

The National Irrigation Administration (NIA) Public Affairs and Information Staff (PAIS) organized a 2018 Year-End National Review and Planning Workshop for 2019 on February 4-7. Venue of the national event was in Kabaleyan Cove Resort, San Carlos, Pangasinan. It was attended by Public Relations Officers (PRO), PRO designates and Layout Artists from all regional and project offices.

The goal of said event were to report and analyse the accomplishments and challenges of the Public Relations (PR) staff for 2018 and set plans for the entire year of 2019. It was also to discuss an effective approach to challenges faced by PR staff as well as address questions and issues for effective and efficient public and media relations. Moreover, the 4-day activity aimed to improve the coordination between the PR staff of every regional and project offices.

Ms. Pilipina P. Bermudez, Department Manager of NIA PAIS, reminded the group that the PR Staff should always promote and maintain a good image for NIA and focus on the accomplishments of the agency and its stakeholders. She added that information dissemination should be intensified not only for the stakeholders’ knowledge about projects and programs but also for the public to know more about the irrigation agency of the country.

Furthermore, she reminded the PR staff that in-house publications are not for the benefit of the NIA employees but for the stakeholders especially the farmers. She emphasized that the farmers should be given priority and importance in every program and activity of the agency. 

Protocols to follow during events attended by top management and VIPs were also discussed. This is to ensure smooth and proper conduct of important activities of the agency.

The event was not limited to the seriousness of the PR activities of the agency. It also allotted time for PROs and Layout Artists to socialize and be acquainted with each other. The goal was to enrich fellowship among NIA PR staff for easy and efficient coordination when needed. 

Before going home, the group had the opportunity to visit the on-going construction site and office of Tarlac Balog-Balog Multipurpose Project Phase II (TBBMP II) in San Jose, Tarlac. /JP Flordalie Pagente