NIA-JRMP II joins Hirinugyaw Festival 2017

Hirinugyaw Suguidanonay – an annual celebration of Panay Bukidnon’s ethnicity and practices, a way of reminding people of the Indigenous People’s (IP) existence through dances and lyrics.

On January 28-29, 2017, Jalaur River Multi-Purpose Stage II (JRMP II) joined the yearly celebration of Calinog town, the  Hirinugyaw Suguidanonay Festival. 

A booth showcasing different project information materials was put up by the Information, Education and Communication (IEC) team of the JRMP II. The main goal was to have a wider range of people reached by the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) with regards to the Jalaur Project. This is in preparation for the implementation of the biggest multi-purpose irrigation project outside Luzon with major construction activities in the 
Municipality of Calinog.

Dissemination of project briefers, flyers and the official newsletter of the JRMP II provided information not only to the Project Affected Families (PAF) present during the said festival but also to the residents of Calinog including visitors from nearby towns and cities. Also distributed was the Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM) flyer which provides data on the resolution of project related concerns and its contact details. 

On the two-day participation of the agency on the said festival, a number of people flocked to the information booth and availed the reading materials as well as asked questions on the nature and benefits of the project. Most of their concerns were focused on the advantages of the Jalaur project to the people of Calinog and to the general public as a whole. Anticipation and excitement for the commencement of the project showed in the eyes and lines of the visitors.

Despite the heat and exhaustion from the preparation to the actual 2-day event, the IEC team went home with smiles and satisfaction knowing that they have helped in spreading how important the project is to the Ilonggos.

“Paghugpong kag pagbinuligay para sa pag umwad kang banwa paagi sa debosyon kay Sr. Sto. Niño” was this year’s theme. It reflects that culture and faith goes hand in hand. /JP (NERIDEL M. GENILO)