Modernization and Innovation for NIA in 2019

With a theme “NIA 2019: Addressing Challenges through Modernization, Meeting Opportunities through Innovation”, all NIA offices in the entire country simultaneously folded and hung 1000 paper cranes symbolizing unity and cooperation among employees as well as innovation in making cranes from a simple paper. Moreover, said activity was not only to build camaraderie but also an eco-friendly yet a modern celebration. It happened right after the flag-raising ceremony on January 14, 2019 participated by all NIA employees and management.

Jalaur River Multi-Purpose Project Stage II (JRMP II) joined the Regional Office 6 and Iloilo-Guimaras Irrigation Management Office (IGIMO) in the said event in the Regional Office’s façade. It was attended by Division Managers, Section Heads and other Personnel of the three offices. 

It has been a tradition of NIA to welcome every year with a simultaneous activity to usher prosperity, good working situations and realization of the agency’s goal to develop and operate irrigation systems in the country for the benefit of the farmers. 

Origami Cranes

Cranes are believed to be mystical creatures which can live up to 1000 years thus they represent longevity and good fortune. Moreover, folding of a thousand cranes known as “senbazuru” is a symbol of hope and healing during challenging times. It originated from the story a little girl in Japan named Sadako Sasaki who was diagnosed with Leukemia after being exposed to radiation. She targeted to fold a thousand paper cranes but only accomplished 644 pieces. Thus, in her honor, a wreath of 1000 cranes are being draped over her statue in Hiroshima, Japan.

NIA, in the hope of achieving its dreams, folded and hung a thousand cranes in each of its field offices.

For JRMP II, the dream of having a successful and well-implemented project echoes in minds and hearts of every employee, farmer, Indigenous Peoples, and the Ilonggos as a whole. /JP Flordalie Pagente