JRMP trains community workers

In preparation to the commencement of construction activities and to effectively organize farmers into Irrigators’ Associations, the Jalaur River Multi-Purpose Project Stage II (JRMP II) recently added a batch of community development (ComDev) workers to its squad.

The 17 newly-hired ComDev staff have undergone a pre-deployment training workshop last November 9 to 13, 2015. The 5 day-live in training was held at NIA-JRMP II RIM quarters. The development training aims to boost the employee’s morale, to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes to both training room and actual field immersion. They were deployed and tasked to organize and train potential farmer benificiaries to be partners of NIA in irrigation development and management.

Engineer Jun Nathaniel Plaza, Manager of the Construction Division, said that being in the field is not a joke. “Rain or shine we are on the field to work, I am advising everyone to be honest, what  problems encounter in the field should be reported to address matters,” he added.

Engineer Plaza further encouraged the ComDev staff to help and to love the farmers because they are our partners in development. 

Denny James Calanuga shared that through this training they were prepared with the skills they learned from the training workshop. “I have learned so much in this training and I am thankful to NIA for the opportunity.”

Calanuga is one of the 17 newly hired Community Development Staff who will organize farmers to irrigators’ associations in the barangays that will be serviced by JRMP II. /JP (Ramon C. Salvilla, CDA-II)