JRMP II MMT Readies for Project Monitoring

A 3-day team building participated by regular and active members of JRMP II Multi-Partite Monitoring Team (MMT) was conducted on March 27-29, 2019 at Damires Hills, Janiuay, Iloilo. 

One of the most powerful reasons for the team building is to come up with a solid plan in accomplishing tasks delegated to MMT members for effective monitoring and reporting of the JRMP II. This is especially necessary because members came from various professions and fields of work. 

The training included series of planned activities which were both fun and motivational. They involved enhancing skills like communication, planning, problem-solving and conflict resolution. It was to foster genuine connections, deeper discussions and processing of ideas.

First day of training was focused on the familiarity of the members on the salient features of the project as well as the ECC issued to JRMP II. Discussions were led by Mr. Steve E. Cordero and Engineer Louie Agujitas of JRMP II. It encouraged healthy and productive interaction between participants thus an effective way to examine every aspect of the project.

Legalities in the monitoring and operationalization of MMT was discussed on the second day by the resource speakers from the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) of Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). They primarily focused on standards and parameters in maintaining quality of the environment based on Philippine environmental laws. It was one of the most essential part of the 3-day activity since the members had to know what they are going to monitor as well as the importance of protecting the environment in the implementation of big projects like JRMP II. 

The third day was extra challenging as the participants visited the on-site construction development of JRMP II under the scorching heat of the sun. They also had a discussion with Mr. Arnel Banawa, the Assistant Manager for Safety of Daewoo E&C. It gave them the opportunity to have actual ideas on what the situation is like in the construction site of JRMP II.

It is important to note that JRMP II MMT will monitor the compliance of the project with the Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) issued in accordance with the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) applicable laws, rules and regulations. Reports of the team are submitted to the EMB Central Office. /JP Vanessa Tse Wing