Training on Basic Korean Language was conducted to personnel assigned in the field. 
The National Irrigation Administration’s (NIA) flagship project in Western Visayas, Jalaur River Multi-Purpose Project Stage II (JRMP II) is the biggest irrigation project of the region and one of the priorities of the administration. The NIA-JRMP II is actively focusing on the implementation of the project. Aside from conducting different kinds of technical trainings, various seminars and material testing activities, Administrative Services Section headed by Mrs. Jacel J. Delgado initiated the conduct of Basic Korean Language Training among the personnel of NIA-JRMP II especially those who will be assigned in the field. This is in accordance to the preparation on the commencement of project construction.

For years, South Korea is one of the major partners of NIA in implementing irrigation projects and one of the reasons of the birth of JRMP II. The administrative section believes that establishing harmonious interaction among its partners could maximize the potential of effective implementation of the project and could minimize communication gap among personnel involve in the project.

Engineer Gerardo P. Corsiga, Regional Manager A and Concurrent Project Manager of JRMP II, highlighted the importance of learning basic Korean words especially to those personnel who will be assigned in the field, knowing the fact that the main contractor of the project is a Korean company. He also stressed that project construction is about to start and everyone should be prepared. One important aspect is effective communication among Korean contractors and NIA-JRMP II employees. Basic Korean words and terms used in the field and during construction are very necessary.

The Basic Korean Language Training aims to develop an appreciation for Korean Language, to read and comprehend simple written Korean words, engage in brief conversation on daily life topics such as greetings, location, time and numbers, and, most importantly to establish and develop good rapport among co-workers. Tutorsville English Tutorials Online owner, Mrs. Renalyn Mae B. Jung, was invited to become the instructor of the said training. 

The training was divided into two batches with a maximum of 50 participants per batch. It was held every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the months of August and September at NIA-JRMP Conference Room. 

Participated by almost 100 personnel of NIA-JRMP II from the divisions and sections, the training was memorable to every participant. They were given a chance to have a simple conversation using Korean language by pair as part of their practicum on the last meeting. 

“The training was a good initiative from the Administrative Section, allowing us personnel of JRMP II to better communicate with the Korean Consultants”, said Engineer John Lorenz Tuala of the Engineering Division. 

“I find it interesting because everything you don’t know is something you can learn”, Engr. Charles Kevin of Project Manager’s Office added. 

According to Faye Camille Herbolario, one of the participants, the language training in general offered great help to employees because it allows them to be exposed to another language which they can use aside from their mother tongue and English. Also, since that the organization is in partnership with some Korean contractors, it could help them to somehow communicate with ease. /JP Chrisha Haro