EMB confirms JRMP II ECC compliance

The recent on-the-spot environmental and social compliance inspection for Jalaur River Multi-Purpose Project Stage II (JRMP II) revealed NIA’s diligent compliance to ECC requirements. This was part of the monitoring of the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) to check the project’s compliance to the requirements of the ECC.

No less than technical staff from EMB Central Office, Engineer Marie Alvarez, Engineer Carl Louie Santiago and Joena Marie Pagulayan together with Regional Office’s personnel Engineer Jenard Tasic and Cristina Pantoja conducted said assessment of JRMP II among other critical projects of Iloilo Province.

ECC is one of the mechanisms used by EMB to constantly monitor the compliance of project proponents to the environmental and social plans and mitigating measures before the commencement, during construction and after the construction phases of a project.

For JRMP II, ECC with reference no. CO-1207-0013 was issued on July 3, 2012. Three years after that, a certificate of compliance was then awarded to the NIA on October 15, 2015 certifying that the project has fully complied the environmental and social conditions stipulated in the ECC.

Online submission of the Compliance Monitoring Report is religiously done by the NIA which includes the current updates and status of the project.

The spontaneous check started with presentation of project updates, and, environmental and social preparations.It includes plans, programs and mitigating measures prepared and implemented. Said activity was spearheaded by Engineer June Nathaniel S. Plaza and Ms. Ruth Cely M. Jamelo. 

The team then proceeded to site inspection in the two pump houses, Main Canal 1 and lateral canals of Zone 1 in the Municipality of Calinog. Said structures aim to initially supply irrigation water to more or less 1,500 hectares of new irrigable farm lots in Calinog and Passi City. 

They also inspected the existing National Irrigation System (NIS) in the Municipality of Mina which is also a Jalaur project component. Rehabilitation works of said NIS shall be undertaken to improve and sufficiently supply irrigation water to the existing service areas covered by the Jalaur extension dam. 

NIA shall be provided by the monitoring team with the copy of the inspection report once signed and approved. /JP Dominador B. De La Cruz