Daewoo E&C

The Ilonggo dream of pursuing the second stage of the Jalaur River Multi-Purpose Project (JRMP) is finally coming to a reality. 

Support and anticipation for this much-needed development project continues to heighten. This as news wires reported that the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) issued the Notice to Proceed (NTP) to Daewoo Engineering& Construction Co., Ltd. on November 29, 2018. An official “go signal” to start the project, the NTP endedIloilo’s long wait for JRMP II. 

The project will construct three dams in the Municipality of Calinog. These dams are the 109-meter Jalaur High Dam and 38-meter Jalaur Afterbay Dam across the Jalaur River, and a catch-dam across the Alibunan River. The dams will be constructed using Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC), the first-of-its kind in NIA’s long history. The project also includes the construction of an 80-kilometer high line canal. Traversing through nine (9) municipalities in the Province of Iloilo, the high line canal will convey water from the dams to the farm lots.

Staying true to its slogan “It’s Possible”, Daewoo E&C accepted the challenge of turning this dream irrigation facility to a possibility. Known for being a global Infrastructure and Energy Developer, JRMP’s contractor has already developed a number of projects in South Korea and other countries. Highways, roads, bridges, leisure complex, harbors,reclamation projects, environmental facilities among many others are in Daewoo’s long roster of implemented projects. 

In terms of dam construction, Daewoo is known to have built two major hydropower dams abroad. These are Pakistan’s Patrind Hydropower Project and Laos’ Houay Ho Dam. /JP Steve Cordero