2017: A New Beginning

The Jalaur River Multi-Purpose Project Stage II (JRMP II) welcomed 2017 with positivity. After the flag ceremony on January 3, 2017, the entire National Irrigation Administration Regional Office 6 (NIA RO 6) joined the nationwide “blowing of bubbles”.

It was a simultaneous activity in all NIA offices across the country. Clad in green, JRMP II employees, together with RO 6, gathered in front of the regional building. With bubble blowers at hand,everybody was ready to embrace change.

NIA faces another challenge: a shift from being a corporate  institution to a developmental/social agency. Change is the right word to describe this shift. GREEN is NIA’s color. It signifies new beginnings, a fresh New Year, healthier food resolutions and growing vegetarian trends. It is also the grass and the outdoors during spring and summer.

Engineer Gerardo P. Corsiga, Regional Manager A / Concurrent Project Manager for JRMP II, led the said activity. Also present were the JRMP II division managers and heads of offices. Engineer Corsiga welcomed and thanked all NIA employees for their hard work and dedication for the good of the agency. He added that the realization of Iloilo’s biggest irrigation project is coming this year.

Why “blowing of bubbles”?

2016 was welcomed with wine toasting as a call for celebration. This year, instead of any other activity like releasing of balloons, sky lanterns, butterflies or doves, NIA chose the blowing of bubbles because it awakened the inner children in the employees. The fun and relaxed reception of the New Year was definitely a fresh start.

NIA’s young and young at heart enjoyed the blowing. The numerous bubbles flew and bounced around the employees and towards the sky. NIA believes that this is a great way to release ones feelings as well as to let go of any negativity.  It was letting the burdens be wrapped by the bubbles and blown away by the wind. /JP (RAMON C. SALVILLA)